Thu July 24, 2014
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Culturally Curious? Meet Cross-Cultured

Like many 20-somethings, Cory Montrevil is reluctant to commit to a long-term relationship. A new program, named Cross-Cultured, links young, short on cash, socially-active people, such as Montrevil, with 10 potential cultural partners and 30 events, all at a steep discount.

All that has him willing to take a chance - on the arts.

“There are a lot of things that I’m interested in but haven’t gone to and it’s just been a matter of pulling the trigger basically and doing it,” said Montrevil.

Cross-Cultured tapped into that desire and, at 30 bucks, was at a price point Montrevil found appealing. For the cost of one night out, the pass affords access to select events.

“Lately I've done a lot more,” Montrevil said.

Discounts and deals aren't new. What is different about Cross-Cultured, which has netted 200 members since its launch, is its pairing of social and educational programming.

“I think that is part of the reason that the program is successful. People are already doing events and already offering content” and membership, said Katie Kruger, Cross-Cultured founder, opens the aperture on that.

Beyond the surface niceties of deals and discounts, Kruger designed Cross-Cultured as the first step in a long, meaningful relationship with a cultural institution.

“The goal of Cross-Cultured is not to over shadow or be an umbrella of the participating young philanthropist institutions,” said Kruger. “It is really to be a stage where we spotlight the different organizations.”

In addition to having gathered the support of various cultural venues, Cross-Cultured has also caught the attention of arts’ champions such as the Bonfils Staton Foundation and Denver Arts and Venues.

“This creates an opportunity for folks to really try something different or something they may not ordinarily have done,” said Ginger White, Denver Arts and Venues deputy director.

White added the “commitment-light” model offered by Cross-Cultured could help cultivate a life-long appreciation for the arts, one of the goals in the city’s cultural plan.

It certainly enticed Cory Montrevil. Prior to Cross-Cultured he said the Sie Film Center was a place he merely coveted from afar. But a screening of Sharknado changed that. Sometimes a B movie disaster film about tornadoes dropping sharks on Los Angeles just touches a young man’s heart.

“I think I’m definitely going to join the Reel Social Club,” Montrevil said.

Kruger, delighted to have made that match, said she hopes it’s one of many cultural love connections the pass can claim.

Incidentally, while Cross-Cultured bills itself as a meeting ground for “young” people on its web site, Kruger said that’s not meant to exclude anyone.

“We don’t have an age bracket,” Kruger said. “So anybody who feels that they are interested in the types of events we are hosting we are happy to have.”

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