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Fans of '80s rock know him as the front man of DEVO. Movie buffs know his soundtrack contributions to The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom. Now the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver has something from Mark Mothersbaugh few have – his visual art.

Myopia is the first comprehensive presentation of Mothersbaugh's widely-heard music alongside his little-known art. The retrospective's title comes from Mothersbaugh's own condition, a diagnosis of nearsightedness he got in second grade.

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Partial nudity, death by nuclear accident and dozens of free-roaming buffalo named Ralphie. It's just another day on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado. At least at the Lego-ized version of CU.

More than 500,000 plastic bricks have been transformed into five buildings and a series of vignettes that bring the university campus to life on a smaller scale.

Carrie Saldo / Arts District

Condoms, burritos, and neckties now have something in common, you can score one from a vending machine. The latter of the three, one Denverites' attempt to garner attention for locally made products, albeit in an unconventional setting.

Avant-garde inside and out, Neighbor Supply shakes up both the typical products and the look of a vending machine – be prepared to lighten your wallet with a wooden-faced vendor that deals out local, largely handmade artisanal goods.

Baghdad, Iraq, Nov. 2008
Ted Engelmann, Vietnam Veteran

Wayne Williams and Adam Nilson are war Veterans. Even on United States soil, there are days when they feel far from at home. By creating art, they have found an unlikely way to settle in. They think it can help others too.

Carrie Saldo, Arts District

Judy Chicago has long trumpeted the significant achievements of her gender. Often regarded as the mother of the feminist art movement, she – at 75 – is far more interested in work she's yet to conceive than her past labors.

"I've had a real battle," Chicago said reflecting on her career. "I've had reviews that are so awful the earth is supposed to open up and you are supposed to get into it, dig yourself underneath the ground, and never appear again."

That she refused to bury herself and continues to create new work inspired Denver's Red Line gallery to take a different approach to celebrating Chicago's career, five-decades in the making.

Courtesy Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

Cleo Parker Robinson believes society is flanking a pivotal moment in race relations. The artistic director of one of Denver's most venerated dance companies said it is time to choose what happens beyond that brink.

"I have a tremendous excitement inside that says we're a part of something on the edge," Parker Robinson said during a rehearsal break. "That can be tilted either way. And I'm about being ready to tilt it in a way of upward movement."

That ascent takes the form of an evening of works titled On the Edge, three dances that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement.

Bas Bleu

"I think theatre is to 'hold the mirror up,' as Shakespeare says…" opined Bas Bleu Theatre Company founding artistic director Wendy Ishi. She invoked the Bard, forming an analogy between world events in current day Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq and what happened in World War II.

It's those dark realities of cruelty and injustice from yesterday and today that Bas Bleu is hoping to confront in a series of events they're calling Lest We Forget: A Weekend of Remembrances and Resiliency.

Carrie Saldo / Arts District

Fuzzy Logic is a subset of quantum physics that dismisses binaries – black or white – and instead places a premium on the shades in between. Having devoted much of the past two decades to improving race relations that reasoning speaks to Harold Fields, host of the Second Tuesday Race Forum.

"There are social differences that become invisible and unknown to those who don't have to deal with it," Fields said.

Carrie Saldo, Arts District

Mere 10-year-olds are no match for the latest addition to the grounds at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Forged from 10,000 years of inspiration, Snowmastodon commemorates the largest accumulation of the bones of its actual ancestors, the American Mastodon.

"I thought it was pretty cool," said Hayden Taylor. "It's big, too," his twin sister, Lindsey added.

Semple Brown Design

Call it a classic landlord tenant dispute. The City of Denver and the Colorado Symphony Association don't see eye-to-eye on what to do with the aging Boettcher Concert Hall. They do concur it is time to open up the dialogue.