Mon August 15, 2011

Federal Grants to Help Families Learn of Public Insurance Options

Colorado is getting a $608,307 grant to help educate Coloradans without health coverage about their eligibility and options for public insurance.

Thousands of Coloradans and their families have no health insurance.  And many may qualify for public plans, such as Child Health Plan Plus, or CHP+, and not know it.  The federal Maximizing Outreach, Retention and Enrollment, or MORE, grants aim to change that. 

“The MORE grantees are getting out into their local communities and communicating the eligibility levels and helping folks understand their options and if they’re eligible for public health insurance and also helping them with the enrollment process,” says spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, Rachel Reiter.

Grantees include the Health Services District of Northern Larimer County, Boulder County Housing and Human Services and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.