Fri August 3, 2012
London Olypmics

Letters From London: August 3rd

Freshly graduated and shipped off to London; Stephen Kasica is on assignment in London for the Olympics. He sent us this missive:

Dear Colorado,                                                                                                                                              

It is one thing to say that the Olympics is in London this year, and quite another to say that London is hosting the Olympics. These games, like a parasite, are alive in the very body of London.

The whole town seems to be completely mad for these Olympics. There is this one pub miles away from the Olympic Village that accommodated patrons casually wearing the Union Jack as a cape to dinner.

And those companies that have nothing to do with sports are suddenly deeply and ironically entwined with the Olympic Movement. I found this message as surprising as finding a Jack Daniels poster in their subway station (called “the Tube).

“There are no shortcuts on the path to gold,” the Jack Daniels ad read.

The atmosphere here reminds me of a home game at Folsom Field at CU-Boulder—I  have landed in a city with more than 8 million tailgaters.

But, after finally seeing the Olympic rings hanging from London Bridge over the River Thames with my own eyes, I think I getting the bug, too. CU’s Emma Coburn, and Shalaya Kipp—my girlfriend—race the 3,000 meter steeplechase tomorrow morning!

Yours with Olympic fever,

Stephen Kasica

Stephen Kasica is a Coloradan who finished his journalism degree at the University of Colorado two days ago!  He'll be writing postcards daily through the end of the Olympics on behalf of the CU Journalism News Service. Follow his trip through London on Twitter: @stephenkasica