Sun August 5, 2012

Opportunity To Be Less Lonely As Latest NASA Rover To Land On Mars

NASA has three rovers on Mars right now: the twins Opportunity and Spirit, and the Sojourner. Of those three, only Opportunity is operational and is set to be joined by Curiosity on Sunday night.

In honor of the impeding arrival of the Curiosity the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center has been releasing photos on their official Flickr feed featuring some great shots from Mars. The above photo was taken by the MRO Mars High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment spacecraft in orbit. The arrow points to Opportunity perched on the crater's edge.

Opportunity also took this panoramic shot back in 2008.

A view of Mars from the southwest side of Victoria Crater, seen by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.
Credit NASA

Curiosity is expected to touchdown by 11:30 p.m. MDT and coverage from NASA to start at 9:30 p.m. NASA will be streaming the mission coverage of Curiosity's landing on Mars live via NASA TV. You can either stream the feed with commentary or without.

Or you can always follow the Curiosity lander on Twitter.