Tue April 10, 2012

Orange Barrel Season Almost Here: CDOT Announces Summer Projects

State transportation officials say Coloradans can expect a busy summer for highway construction projects, including some long-awaited lane widening and bridge repairs.

Many of the major projects will affect Interstate 25 through the metro Denver area, and a number of bridges will be undergoing work, thanks partly to 2009 legislation that created a source of funding specifically for bridge repairs.

“It was great for Colorado - we had just under 130 bridges that were rated in poor condition,” says CDOT spokesperson Stacey Stegman. “We are making great progress in the bridge program. In the Denver metro area you’re going to see about a dozen projects that are just to replace bridges.”

The state’s largest project will be a $310 million safety and capacity improvement plan on U-S 36 between Federal Boulevard and 88th St.

Stegman acknowledges summer construction season can be frustrating, and says the agency is trying to minimize the impact on drivers.

“I think the good news is - we’re doing them all at once right now, and trying to get back off the highway... but it could be painful in the nighttime hours if you’re traveling on I-25.”

While some projects are continuations from last year, several new projects will begin in the coming weeks or later this summer.

Read the CDOT press release here.


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