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Police Records: Loughner Had Alcohol Problems And Complained Of Bullying

Originally published on Wed January 12, 2011 6:15 pm

Records obtained from the Pima County Sheriff's Office by USA Today and The Arizona Republic detail about a dozen contacts Jared Loughner and his father had with police. They include:

-- May 2006: Police were called to Mountain View High School because Loughner was intoxicated. Loughner was taken to the hospital and his stomach was pumped. The USA Today reports: "He told authorities he had consumed nearly half a bottle of vodka that morning because he "was very upset as his father yelled at him."

-- Sept. 2004: Loughner called police because he said two students "stuck him with a pen."

Also included in the records was the previously reported incident in which Loughner was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. The records indicate that Loughner's father called police on several occasions because of broken car windows and another time, reports the Republic, because "he was upset at his neighbors because their yard is unkempt."

Update 6:30 p.m. ET: NPR has now received the documents from Pima County Sheriff's Department and we'll add a little more detail to a couple of the reports:

-- According to the police report, a Mountain View High School assistant principal called the police in the pen incident. The report states that Loughner was in the cafeteria when another student walked by him and poked him with something sharp. Two other students told Loughner it was a needle and Loughner "started to become pale, got dizzy, could not stand and had to be helped to a nurse's office by another friend."

Loughner told police he had talked to his parents and they did not want to press charges; they just wanted the student who stabbed him to be "tested to see if he has HIV or any other kind of diseases."

The device used to stick Loughner turned out to be a modified pen.

-- An assistant principal was the one who called police in alcohol incident. A teacher at the high school told police that Loughner was so "extremely intoxicated that he had to be transported" to the emergency room. Loughner told police that he drank almost 12 ounces of vodka from 1:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. The police report states that nurses told an officer that Loughner had stolen the alcohol from his father's liquor cabinet. "I could see his eyes were very red and he was crying and had a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his body and breath" reads the report.

-- During his possession of paraphernalia arrest, Loughner was the passenger in a white van. An officer, the report states, found a marijuana pipe in Loughner's pocket. Loughner was cuffed but let go on the scene with a citation.

-- On October of 2006, Loughner went to the police station to report that someone had created a profile using his picture on the website peekyou.com. The officer asked Loughner lots of questions, but noted he was "slow to respond." Peekyou.com is a site that scrapes pictures and content from other sites.

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