Tue October 23, 2012

Storify: A Raucus Red Rocks Rally For Romney-Ryan

Sidestepping his performance in the final Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney came to Colorado's legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater for a self described 'victory' rally on Tuesday night.

Update 8:37 a.m. 10/24/2012: State Capitol Reporter Bente Birkeland was at Red Rocks Tuesday night and filed this report:

Bente Birkeland reports for Morning Edition


While only 59.2 million tuned in for Monday's debate, the crowds were over capacity at Red Rocks. Reports on social media stated that 25,000 tickets had been given away for the event however, the capacity at Red Rocks is only 9,450 - many were turned away as the venue filled to the top.

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Here's our recap of reactions, comments, and pictures from the Romney-Ryan rally at Red Rocks via Storify:

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