Mon November 19, 2012
inTune Station Blog

We Turn Pinzgauers Into Programming. Wait, What?

That's right, through your generosity (and some amazing alchemy) we can turn an Austrian high-mobility all-terrain vehicle into Morning Edition. Or into Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me. Or KUNC Music.

Here's how.

Did you know you can donate your car, truck, boat, or space shuttle to help support KUNC? Each month, a number of generous members of the KUNC audience make the decision to say goodbye to an unwanted vehicle in support of the station through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.

This is where the magic happen: the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program then turns that donated vehicle into support for the station via auction, vehicle reclamation, and so on.

We see a lot of old Subarus and Hondas, Nissans and Fords, but occasionally someone donates something especially unique that causes us all to look twice! So, when a 1973 Pinzgauer was recently donated to KUNC, we thought we better share it with you.

Seriously, here's what a Pinzgauer looks like in action:

While you might not want to drive this beast around town, you can appreciate it for its original design as a military utility vehicle. Plus as an added bonus, you can use this bit of trivia: it's named after the Pinzgauer, an Austrian breed of horse.