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Tue September 10, 2013

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: President Obama's National Address On Syria

Screencap of President Obama as he addressed the nation in prime time on Syria
White House

The President addressed the nation Tuesday laying out his case on Syria and acknowledging the changing diplomatic situation in regard to Russia and Syria. Obama has asked Congress to delay their vote while the diplomatic solution takes its course.

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Mon September 9, 2013

Talk Turns To Getting Assad To Give Up His Chemical Weapons

Originally published on Mon September 9, 2013 12:53 pm

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem (left) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on Monday.
Yuri Kadobnov AFP/Getty Images

(1:45 p.m. ET: Since our original headline — "Russia Urges Assad To Cede Control Of His Chemical Weapons" — we've updated this post several times.)

Saying he hopes to "receive [a] fast and positive answer," Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday that Russia believes a U.S. military strike on Syria can be averted if President Bashar Assad hands over control of his regime's chemical weapons to international monitors.

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Sun September 8, 2013

Syria Developments: Debate In Washington; Assad Speaks To Rose

Originally published on Sun September 8, 2013 3:05 pm

The Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Takla in the Syrian Christian town of Maaloula is seen on Sept. 7. The town is now controlled by a rebel group with al-Qaida ties.
AFP/Getty Images

We're following several stories regarding Syria Sunday, including new comments from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. There are also reports that an Islamist group with ties to al-Qaida has seized a town with a large Christian population. Elsewhere, officials in the U.S. and its allies are debating how to respond to the conflict that began in 2011, as President Obama's administration tries to shore up support for military action.

We'll update this post with news as it emerges today.

Update at 5 p.m. ET: Sampling Of Political Debate

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Sun September 8, 2013
The Sunday Conversation

Nuremberg Prosecutor Makes The Case For Trying Assad

Originally published on Sun September 8, 2013 11:40 am

Benjamin Ferencz speaks at the inauguration of the "Memorial Nuremberg Trials" information and documentation center in Nuremberg, Germany, on Nov. 21, 2010. After World War II, Ferencz served as a chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals.
AFP AFP/Getty Images

Each week, Weekend Edition Sunday brings listeners an unexpected side of the news by talking with someone personally affected by the stories making headlines.

When he was just 27 years old, Benjamin Ferencz helped prosecute Nazi leaders in the Nuremburg war crimes trial after World War II. In the years since, the Harvard-educated lawyer has continued to focus on issues of international criminal justice.

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Mon September 2, 2013

Syria's Bashar Assad: Show Me The Evidence

Originally published on Tue September 3, 2013 8:11 am

A defiant Syrian President Bashar Assad said Monday that the international community has not produced evidence to substantiate claims that his regime used chemical weapons in a deadly attack last month.

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