Community Supported Agriculture


Sat July 19, 2014
The Garden Report

Organic Or Not, Local Food is Better For The Environment

Buying locally grown food supports Colorado's economy and environment.
Credit Lord Mariser / Flickr - Creative Commons

Organic produce in the grocery store is labeled as good for the environment. No pesticides on the produce may reduce soil and water contamination, but organic goods that come from faraway places increase pollution and diminish the quality of those fruits and vegetables.

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Wed April 30, 2014
The Local Food Challenge

For Local Food Movement, All Signs Point To Higher Sales

Local food is slowly becoming a not so niche market. Six years ago, USDA put the size of the local food sector at $4.8 billion.
Credit Matt Hannon / Flickr

When the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases detailed data from the 2012 Census of Agriculture in May, the numbers should illuminate all sorts of details about the country’s farmers. And for those involved in local food initiatives, the data may finally make it possible to update the statistics on the size and scope of their successes.

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Sat December 28, 2013
The Garden Report

A New Year's Resolution Guide To Eating Healthy

Cold frames capture the sun for a longer growing season
Credit Knitting Iris/Flickr Creative Commons

Along with the New Year come resolutions to change our habits. My resolution is to eat more fresh local foods through our garden and to support local farmers.

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Tue December 10, 2013

Forget The Golf Course, Developers Use Farming To Sell Suburban Homes

The Bucking Horse subdivision in Fort Collins, Colo., will include a working CSA farm, complete with historic barn, farm house and chicken coop.
Luke Runyon KUNC and Harvest Public Media

For decades, housing developments in the suburbs have come complete with golf courses, tennis courts, strip malls and swimming pools. But make way for the new subdivision amenity: the specialty farm.

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Sat October 26, 2013
Garden Report

What's So Great About Locally Grown Food?

Ooh, fresh veggies! The bounty of a local farm.
Credit Lord Mariser / Flickr - Creative Commons

The best thing we can do to eat healthier and to bolster our local economy is to buy locally grown food. At our house, groceries are a big part of our bills. So, for us, groceries are an important place to spend locally.

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