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Fri August 31, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 399: Can You Patent A Steak?

Eugene Gagliardi, inventor of Steak-Umm
Joshua Marston
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Tony Mata is a meat inventor; his job is figuring out new things to do with meat. He thinks he recently discovered a new steak — a novel way to cut up a chunk of beef that's currently not worth much. Mata is so excited about his discovery that he's trying to patent it.

This raises a basic question: Can you patent a steak?

On today's show, we talk to Mata. We visit the workshop of Gene Gagliardi, the inventor of Steak-Umm and KFC's popcorn chicken. And we try to figure out what meat inventors tell us about patents and innovation.

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Tue August 28, 2012


Fri August 24, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 397: Why The Hero Of Harrisburg Couldn't Save The City

Originally published on Wed August 29, 2012 10:30 am

Former Harrisburg receiver, David Unkovic, in the wilderness.
Zoe Chace NPR
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Tue August 21, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 396: A Father Of High-Speed Trading Thinks We Should Slow Down

Originally published on Wed August 22, 2012 2:25 pm

Thomas Peterffy, shown here in 2010
Brendan Smialowski Getty Images
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Thomas Peterffy's life story includes a typing robot, a proto-iPad, and a vast fortune he amassed as one of the first guys to use computers in financial markets.

On today's show, Peterffy tells us his story — and he explains why he's worried about the financial world he helped create.

We learned of Peterffy's story from the forthcoming book Automate This.

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Fri August 17, 2012
Planet Money

Episode 395: Maastricht, Marijuana And The European Dream

Originally published on Tue August 21, 2012 8:15 am

Marijuana in Maastricht
Ermindo Armino AP
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Maastricht is the home of the euro. It's the Dutch town where European leaders signed the treaty that created the single currency.

It's also a place where it's legal for "coffeeshops" to sell marijuana.

Tourists from around Europe used to come to Maastricht to get high. Recently, though, Maastricht's mayor soured on marijuana tourism, and the town banned the sale of the drug to foreigners.

On today's show: Even in the home of the euro, the European Dream still isn't a reality.

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