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Colorado Lawmakers, White House Take on Bullying

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Colorado lawmakers are taking on bullying in an effort to promote a safe and secure learning environment in the state’s schools.

A bill by Democratic Representative Sue Schaffer of Wheat Ridge has passed out of the House Education Committee. House Bill 1254 redefines bullying to include electronic forms abuse. It’s something that U.S. Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan says is a growing trend.

“This is something whether its primary grades or higher education – we’re seeing some just absolute tragic, tragic outcomes due to a variety of different forms of bullying including cyber bullying,” says Duncan.

The Education Secretary made his comments during a White House conference on bullying hosted by President and First Lady Michelle Obama today. About 150 students, parents and teachers are sharing their experiences as well as what schools and communities are doing about bullying.

Nearly 30 organizations including the American Federation of Teachers as well as various gay and women’s rights groups are backing the Colorado legislation.