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Deficit Forum in Denver Kicks off Friday

Senator Bennet
Office of Sen. Michael Bennet
Senator Bennet

Colorado Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet are hosting a deficit forum in Denver Friday afternoon.  It’s just not clear whether either of them will actually be there.

The federal budget and the deficit have been in the news a lot lately, mostly with the focus of lawmakers arguing over how to fix things.  A forum being held Friday will bring together people from inside and outside of the congressional process to discuss it.  Senator Michael Bennet will be there either in person or by phone, and in a call with reporters Thursday said it’s time to have realistic conversations about the problem.

“There is a pretty strong consensus in Colorado that says we want a comprehensive plan that materially addresses the problem. We know we’re not going to fix it overnight, but we need to start dealing with it,” he said.

The event will feature key Colorado and national leaders including National Fiscal Commission co-chair and former Senator Alan Simpson and former members of Colorado’s congressional delegation Senator Gary Hart and Representative David Skaggs.  It kicks off at 2 Friday afternoon at The University of Colorado Denver.