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Public Input Sought on Educator Effectiveness Rules

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This week the Colorado Board of Education will begin the process of crafting statewide rules to measure educator effectiveness. 

Last month, the State Council on Educator Effectiveness gave 60 recommendations to the State Board of Education.  That body will now craft final rules which may or may not include the recommendations.   Council Vice-Chair Nina Lopez says the main goal is simply to make sure the best people are working in the state’s schools.

“It really puts a laser focus on the most valuable resource we have in our schools, which are education professionals and really tries to set a common expectation for how they do their jobs, and also expects that we’re going to give them some support to be able to do that,” says Lopez

On Wednesday the board will meet to address areas where the council did not make a specific recommendations and to ask whether the state board agrees with particular recommendations.

The board is accepting public comment on the plan through their website, or at a meeting on Thursday.  Final rules will likely be released in November and will be implemented over time.

The recommendations can be views here:


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