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Letters: U.S. Post Office; Fingerboarding


And now, onto something small...

TAYLOR ROSENBAUER: It's so awkward with this thing here.

SIEGEL: ...fingerboarding, that's that miniature version of skateboarding. You use your fingers to move a two and a half inch board. The "sport," and we put that in quotes, had its first ever national competition which included 19-year-old Taylor Rosenbauer.

ROSENBAUER: Probably the first trick that most people learn when they first start Fingerboarding is called just a Shove It. That's where you spin the board 180 degrees by doing, I guess, a scissor kick motion with your two fingers. So your back finger slides back and your front finger goes forward.

SIEGEL: Well, Yoko Smith, of Lincoln, Nebraska, thought the story was not a good fit for radio. She writes this: So hard to imagine what the heck fingerboarding looked like and the segment went on and on. I know NPR needs to cover far and wide, but maybe next time you can leave this to public television.

SIEGEL: Well, we enjoy your comments and some of us even sometimes agree with them. You can send them to us at Just click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.