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USA Pro Challenge Brings Cyclists, Traffic Delays to Front Range

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is expected to attract tens of thousands of spectators in Golden and Boulder today. But the event will also slow down and stop traffic on several key highways.

On Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4, p.m. motorists will see temporary closures on state roads 93, 119, 7, and US 36 between Boulder and Lyons.

Ashley Mohr with the Colorado Department of Transportation says none of the closures will last more than 1 hour.

“We’re still hoping that folks will plan ahead to make sure they’re through an area before the road closures go into effect because once it does, no one will be allowed through,” she says.

Information about all the closures are on CDOT’s web site. Boulder local road closures are on a separate web site. Sunday’s Denver closures, which are on local roads, can be found here.

Road Closures on Saturday Stage 6 of USA Pro Cycling Challenge:

Highway 93 between Golden and Boulder.Those who head northbound when the race is underway must follow the entire race caravan at speeds of 20-25 MPH and will not be permitted to pass it. Delays will vary depending on the pace of the riders but will last until the highway is reopened. Southbound: Expect up to 1 hour delays at various locations along the race route and possible detours onto State Highway 170, State Highway 72, State Highway 128, and West 64th Avenue.

Highway 119 between Boulder and Nederland.Expect 30 minute delays starting at 12 pm.

Highway 7 between Raymond and Lyons.Northbound expect 30 minute delays starting at 1:45. Westbound: Expect 60 minute delays starting at 1:45

US 36 between Boulder and Lyons.30 minute delays starting at 2:15.

Lefthand Canyon.Delays starting at 2 pm, ending at 3:30 pm.

For Boulder local road closures, click here.

Credit USA Pro Cycling Challenge

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