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Photo Gallery: High Park Burn Zone Aerial Mulching

The U.S. Forest Service began aerial mulching heavily burned public lands this week. 881 acres total near the Poudre Park and Monument Gulch areas west of Fort Collins will receive the wood shred treatment.

U.S. Forest Service Spokesperson Reghan Cloudman explained to KUNC in September how the agency decided which areas to treat:

Those are going to be those areas where because of slope, face or severity we wanted to put these wood shreds down instead of just agricultural straw.

The mulching is part of a larger Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) plan to rehabilitate scorched land. Some work has already taken place on roads and trails. But several areas—including Youngs Gulch—are expected to be closed throughout this winter to prevent further damage.

The U.S. Forest will continue aerial mulching efforts this coming week.

Cloudman says a second aerial mulching effort will take place this coming spring or summer with straw.

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