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A Suitcase Musician Comes Home: Shakey Graves On 'And The War Came'

Shakey Graves' new album is titled <em>And The War Came</em>.
Jarred Gastriech
Courtesy of the artist
Shakey Graves' new album is titled And The War Came.

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known as Shakey Graves, became famous with his 2011 debut as a one-man band, in which he thumped a kick drum made from an old Samsonite. On his new album, And The War Came, Shakey Graves "unpacks" his sound a bit, adding a drummer and richer production.

"This is the first album I've done that there's actually, you know, an audience for," the musician tells NPR's Scott Simon. "And there's a lot of intimidation factor going into that where, you know, part of me really wanted to stay in my comfort zone and kinda try and repeat something that has worked for me before. And the other part of me is just unreasonably curious."

Hear Rose-Garcia's full conversation with Simon at the audio link, including how he recorded with fellow singer-songwriter Esm é Patterson in his backyard next to his "gross fire pit," his love for the waltz, and what to do on Shakey Graves Day.

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