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Happy Birthday Star Wars: Our Favorite Moments

Official Star Wars Blog
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On May 25th, 1977 in galaxy far, far away... moviegoers were introduced to a farmer boy from Tatooine, a smuggler and his Wookie, a princess, and a fearsome man dressed in black. Here are some of our favorite moments as Star Wars turns 35.

Once Morning Edition mentioned it yesterday, we got to talking about Star Wars. So many memories and moments, we collected ours right here. Do you have your own? Post them in the comments below, on Facebook, or email them to us at! We'll post the best ones.

May the Force be with you!

Jim Hill - Digital Media Manager:

Growing up, this was the movie. I had a voracious appetite for anything and everything to do with Star Wars. Once we got it on tape, I wore it out on the VCR. My parents planned a Disney vacation so we could ride Star Tours. Action figures? Check. Costumes? Check. Plastic Lightsaber? Check. Did I watch the Ewok movies? Sadly, yes - but unlike Nathan, I didn't watch the holiday special. My love of the Star Wars Radio Drama has already been documented, however, what I love the most is sharing in others love and interpretations. Like Eddie Izzard's take on working on the Death Star:

Kirk Siegler - Reporter:

Like Admiral Ackbar says: ‘IT’S A TRAP!!!’ And, “Mos Eisley spaceport: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” - forgive the potential misquotes but those are definitely my favorites. I have fond memories of watching the trilogy with my brother over and over on many a rainy western Montana day when we were trapped inside. It was also the first movie my brother ever got to go to – something I still feel jealous of. I was three at the time.

Larry Selzle - Broadcast Engineer:

The year was 1978. The buzz was for the upcoming release of Star Wars. We were all excited. The thing that struck me was the realism of the sets. The Millennium Falcon reminded me of my first car. It looked worn, beat up, hodgepodged together, but she was fast!

Erin O'Toole - All Things Considered Host:

My entire childhood was shaped by Star Wars. My grandfather knew how desperately I wanted a Lightsaber, so he made one for me and my cousin out of a flashlight and a piece of translucent plastic tubing. No lamp was safe in my home after that! Not to mention, my best friend Gina and I decided we wanted to write our OWN version – starring ourselves, naturally, as Princess Leia’s younger and more awesome sisters. And although “Star Wars Infinity” never made it to any actual stages of filming, we sure had a lot of fun writing it. In that spirit, I submit this fan effort from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost:

Also – this commercial proves how much Star Wars is ingrained in our culture. Plus it’s just cool to see C-3PO talking to Daft Punk!

Kirk Mowers - Content Director:

I remember seeing a preview the winter before it came out and thinking - COOL!!!!!  Then I saw the movie at the Continental in Denver, a real theater that was about four times the size of today’s multiplexes. Still one of my favorite movie memories of all time. To me the first one was the best of the whole Star Wars series, and the music was and still is incredible!!!

Nathan Heffel - Reporter/Host:

I remember joining a bunch of people from my university as we camped out in line outside a movie theatre waiting for the first of the prequels. It was so much fun, hanging with everyone and partying until the midnight showing. Even though the movie was a complete letdown (Thanks Jar-Jar,) it was awesome spending time getting to know people and experiencing what star wars is all about. There's also Bea Arthur at the 1978 Christmas special!

Of course Nathan's memory elicited this one last retort from Jim: "It's really a shame they never got around to making anymore Star Wars movies. I guess I'll just be happy with re-watching and my memories of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi."

These are the extra links you're looking for:

Star Wars Uncut - for true fans only, as this is 2+ hours of fan edited Star Wars. The 'sweded' way that A New Hope was meant to be seen.

Robot Chicken: Admiral Ackbar Cereal - You're tongue can't repel flavor of that magnitude!

Disco Star Wars!

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