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CSU Announces The Best Annual Flowers Of 2014

Flickr - Creative Commons

One plus for the residents of Fort Collins is that their community is host to Colorado State University's Flower Trial Gardens. Located along College Avenue, the gardens feature annual flowers, perennials and cool season bloomers.

Every year some of the most vibrant annuals suited for Colorado’s dry climate are given special admiration for their appearance, hardiness and uniqueness. We’ve included some of the winning selections for 2014 below.

  • The XXL Veracruz Dahlia has bicolor lavender and white pom-pom shaped flowers with strong stems that make great cut flowers.
  • The best new variety is Black Cherry Supertunia. It’s a vigorous, blooming plant with dark red flowers that resemble the fruit. The mounding plants are covered with flowers all season long. 
  • Vermillionaire Cuphea has bright orange tubular flowers which attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. They are a contrast against the dark green, glossy leaves. Cuphea grows well in the garden or in containers.
  • Can-Can Terracotta Calibrachoa is a mix of orange, yellow and gold flowers. It is larger than other calibrachoa and has a uniform habit that flows out of any container. 
  • Glitterati Ice Queen Geranium is also a large plant with green and cream variegated leaves that are attractive on their own. The salmon flowers’ accent with the leaves make this another great container plant. 
  • Megellan Scarlet Zinnia is part of an outstanding series of zinnias with vibrant orange-red flowers that bloom throughout the growing season. The new flowers hide the old so the plant needs minimal deadheading. It also grows in low water conditions.
  • Another all season bloomer is the Kiss Frosty White Flame, a bicolor gazania. The flowers are white with a dark strip dark glossy, green leaves.  

These are just a few of the new annual varieties that can be planted in your own garden next year. You can see the flowering plants up close every day for free at 1401 Remington Street in Fort Collins. 

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