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Famed Skiing Icon And Filmmaker Warren Miller Dies At 93

Courtesy of Warren Miller Archives

Ski icon, filmmaker and author Warren Miller passed away Wednesday, Jan. 24 at his home in Orcas Island, Washington.

Miller, a World War II veteran and prolific filmmaker, produced more than 500 films about skiing, surfing, sailing and other sports, and authored 11 books and about 1,200 columns. He was best known for his adventure ski films, which featured thrilling footage, all narrated in his own humorous style.

Chris Linsmayer is a spokesman for Ski Country USA, a trade association representing the skiing and snowboard industry. He says Miller’s films heralded the start of ski season in the fall for 60 years.

“I live here in Denver, so every year, and almost every year I’ve gone down to the Paramount Theatre in downtown Denver to watch them, and I always love the ones that feature Colorado ski areas,” says Linsmeyer. “Those movies were certainly great for generating excitement heading into the ski season, getting people thinking about the ski season before it arrives, so that was a critical role those movies played.”

For Miller, his films were about more than just the act of sporting.

“Looking back on what set my films apart, it was the emphasis on entertaining people, which means making them laugh, rather than just filming people turning right or left,” he is quoted as once saying.

Miller encouraged everyone to try something new — and to not wait.

“If you don’t do it this year,” he wrote in his 2016 autobiography Freedom Found: My Life Story, “you’ll be one year older when you do.” 

Miller was 93.