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VIDEO: Coal And Natural Gas Arm Wrestle For Colorado Energy Dominance


PBS NewsHour continues their energy series with a visit to Colorado. Coal has been a traditional source of electrical energy in the state, but now a new energy source - natural gas - is making inroads.

Ignore the title on this video, it is mislabeled. It is the correct footage.

Regulations have pushed utilities to make changes at power plants and in some cases coal plants are getting replaced with natural gas plants. These changes have put the coal industry at odds with the natural gas boom. It's also raised doubts about the commitment to clean energy, another key industry in Colorado.

The NewsHour's energy series started with a look at North Dakota's drilling boom, and the effects that the industry has had both for energy and municipalities in the state. Something that Northern Colorado is very familiar with thanks to the same fracking and drilling boom on the Niobrara formation.

KUNC's coverage of fracking can be found in this archive. PBS NewsHour also looked at fracking, asking the question: What is it, and Is it Safe?

Video courtesy of PBS NewsHour.

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