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8 Importantly Serious And Awesome Reasons To Support KUNC All Day, Every Day

Jim Hill

If you haven’t become a KUNC member yet, why not? Is it because you need lists and reasons? Done. Here they are, the best reasons EVER to support KUNC.

#1 - Supporting KUNC today will help earn a $55,000 challenge grant! This is the biggest challenge KUNC has ever received...

If we can raise our drive goal of $190,000 in ONE day, Ann - an awesome KUNC Member from Fort Collins - will kick in an extra $55,000. That's the challenge. Make it happen!

#2 - Because KUNC pairs well with a hoppy Colorado session ale brewed with locally sourced ingredients from the Western Slope.

#3 - Because listening to KUNC is like getting a massage for your brain.

#4 - Because you learn things you never knew... and maybe a few things things you never wanted to know.

#5 - This isn't a real reason, it's an all important PUPPY BREAK.

#6 - Because KUNC is public radio by public radio nerds, FOR public radio nerds like you.

#7 - Because your $10 sustaining gift magically turns into great stories, music and entertainment every month. (with no annoying magician needed)


#8 - Do you really want to be the guy who listens but doesn’t donate?

What are you waiting for? Supporting KUNC is easy and will improve your standing with [INSERT ATTRACTIVE PERSON MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU]. Become a member today.