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New Areas of Focus For KUNC News Team

As KUNC’s award-winning news team evolves, we continue to seek out stories that matter to our listeners. To best accomplish that goal, each of our reporters will concentrate on an area of importance to Northern Colorado.

Jackie Fortier will be exploring growth and economic issues facing local communities as Colorado’s population booms. Topics like who’s winning and who’s losing in post-Great Recession Colorado; what’s being done about aging infrastructure, and more.

Ann Marie Awad will focus on education-related issues, from diversity in local classrooms to issues facing universities and funding dilemmas impacting students across the state.

Stacy Nick will continue to cover Colorado’s vibrant music and arts scene with stories on visual arts and artists; performing arts, cultural events, and more, while Bente Birkeland will report from the state house on legislative issues and Colorado state politics.

Collaborations will continue to play a significant role. Luke Runyon and Harvest Public Media brings news about food production and agribusiness, water use, food safety, and related issues. Harvest’s recent investigation into slaughterhouse safety was featured in the Columbia Journalism Review. Dan Boyce and Inside Energy move beyond polarized arguments and emotional debate to explore points of tension, tradeoffs and opportunities, and the human consequences of energy policy, production, use and innovation.

Hosts Erin O’Toole and Kareem Maddox will tie things together with reporter debriefs, and bring a range of new voices through conversations with both famous and everyday people.