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News brief with The Colorado Sun: Proposed new lawn equipment rules and a universal Pre-K milestone

A closeup of the front of a standard motorized push lawnmower, mowing through a very green lawn. A man is pushing the mower past a shrub with bright yellow flowers.
State air quality regulators are considering a ban on the sale of gas-powered lawnmowers and other landscaping-related machines for home use in the Denver area.

Each week, we talk with our colleagues at The Colorado Sun about the stories they’re following. This time, Editor Lance Benzel joins us to discuss possible new rules on lawn equipment in Denver and an update on universal Pre-K in Colorado.

State air quality regulators are considering a ban on gas-powered lawn equipment in the Denver area.

“They're looking at a ban on the sales of all gas-powered home lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers in metro Denver beginning in 2025,” Benzel told KUNC. “Homeowners would still be able to use their gas-powered equipment, but no new gas-powered equipment could be sold in stores.”

Benzel said some proposals would even ban the summer use of existing gas-powered lawn equipment by schools, parks and large maintenance crews by 2025.

The Regional Air Quality Council presented a draft plan at this month's Air Quality Control Commission meeting. The council is likely to vote this spring on whether it will back the proposed ban.

In another story, the state's rollout of universal preschool has hit a milestone.

About 25,000 families who applied were notified this week which program they'll be paired with.

“Those families all applied in February,” Benzel said. “Most got their top choice. But about 2,300 families will need to reapply because they didn't get their preferred spot.”

The first round of matches is closed, but families can apply now for the next round.

As a reporter and host for KUNC, I follow the local stories of the day while also guiding KUNC listeners through NPR's wider-scope coverage. It's an honor and a privilege to help our audience start their day informed and entertained.
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