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Alabama Shakes Announce Debut Album

Courtesy of the artist
Members: Brittany Howard, Heath Fogg, Zac Cockrell, Steve Johnson

The buzz has been building and to say that this is a highly anticipated debut is an understatement. Alabama Shakes, whom Paste declared 'the best band of 2011', have announced the release date for their debut album...

A quick Googling of "Alabama Shakes buzz" turns you on to the infectious and positive ground swell that is lifting this band. "The rapid and rightful rise.." "2011 new band of the year." "Artist to watch." NPR Music's Ann Powers has probably offered the easiest prognostication wrapping up 2011 in music; "I think they are going to blow up massively this coming year."

2012 is here and we will all finally see if Ann is right on April 10th when Boys & Girls is finally available to the public. While early fans who've glommed on to the band's self-titled EP will certainly wonder if the hype and expectations will crush their 2011 discovery, there are positive signs. The album is self-produced and self-mixed.

Stream a taste of Boys & Girls with "Hold On". (compare it to the EP cut below)

Colorado will have a chance to see Alabama Shakes on Saturday Feb. 4th as KUNC Presents Alabama Shakes with A. Tom Collins at the Fox Theatre. You can also check out the Alabama Shakes EP below, along with other notable tour dates. Be sure to listen to the EP so you can tell everyone "you were on this band first".

Notable Tour Dates:

  • Wed 01.25.2012 - The Troubadour, Hollywood, CA
  • Sat 02.04.2012 - Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
  • Wed-Fri 02.22-02.24.2012 - Boston Arms, London, UK
  • Sat 03.10.2012 - Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI
  • Sat 03.31.2012 - Workplay Theatre, Birmingham, AL

Music Geek Bonus: The Alabama Shakes have teamed with Jack White for a two-song 7″ single, that will be released later this month on Third Man Records. Hat tip to Consequence of Sound for this nugget.

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