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Thievery Corporation Revisits An Old Love With 'Saudade'

Andrezj Liguz

In their latest, Thievery Corporation highlights what Eric Hilton and Rob Garza call "the essence of Bossa Nova." It is a word with no easy English equivalent, saudade.

Also the title of their forthcoming album, Saudade, holds the meaning in Portuguese of a loneliness or absence, a contented melancholy and longing. Hilton and Garza drew inspiration not only from Brazilian artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa and Luis Bonfa, but from electro-samba pioneer Isabelle Antena and Serge Gainsbourg of France and Italy's Ennino Morricone.

"Depth Of My Soul" features Shana Halligan, formerly of the band Bitter:Sweet. Give it a listen below:

Also joining Thievery Corporation on Saudade are five female vocalists, LouLou Ghelichkhani (who has musical history with the duo), American and Brazilian jazz/pop singer, Elin Malgarejo, Nouvelle Vague singer Karina Zeviani, and Argentine singer Natalia Clavier.

Saudade is out April 1, 2014.

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