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'Give It To Your Woman, It's Her Job' Laundry Tag Doesn't Wash With Many

The Twitpic that exposed some dirty laundry.
The Twitpic that exposed some dirty laundry.

When Emma Barnett saw the laundry tag in her boyfriend's pants she was shocked.

"Give It To Your Woman," it read. "It's Her Job."

So Barnett did what you would expect the digital media editor of The Telegraphwould do. She .

One day later, the twitterverse was in a tizzy and she had turned up the name of the company responsible.

"The beige pair of chinos in question were purchased in London at Madhouse's flagship Oxford Street store last month," Barnett reported Tuesday. And a company spokesman told her "the care instructions on this product were not proofed by our buyers who normally concern themselves with quality, style and price of the products they order. ... The wording is clearly meant as a joke but now it has been pointed out to us it is something we will need to be more careful about in the future."

If you're interested in following the Twitter debate, which continues, the proper search term is .

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Mark Memmott is NPR's supervising senior editor for Standards & Practices. In that role, he's a resource for NPR's journalists – helping them raise the right questions as they do their work and uphold the organization's standards.
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