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Udall Questions Top Defense Officials about Pakistan

Capitol News Connection

The nation’s top defense officials told a Senate committee on Thursday the U-S must remain invested in Iraq and Afghanistan for now. But Colorado Senator Mark Udall had another country on his mind.

During his turn to ask question at an armed services hearing, Senator Udall (D-CO) wanted to know how the Defense Department is ensuring Pakistan is cooperating in the fight against terrorists.

“At times it appears Pakistan and its leadership are playing the roles of arsonist and fireman, and that’s problematic,” says Udall.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Udall that Pakistan has helped significantly fight al Qaeda, but that the country is “terribly corrupt.”

“They’re pretty choosey about the terrorists they support with us, and the ones they won’t support,” Mullen said.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said… he reminds Pakistan that U.S. assistance is predicated on cooperation.

Patrick Terpstra – Capitol News Connection.