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Sen. Thune, Rep. Gardner Stumping for Romney in Denver

Kirk Siegler

South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune is on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney in Colorado.

Thune appeared alongside Colorado Republican Congressman Cory Gardner at the Rio Grande Company in south Denver; home building and construction material distributor that’s been hit hard during the economic downturn. 

"I’m afraid ladies and gentlemen that we are heading for a train wreck in this country, unless we can get this country turned around," he said.

Sticking mostly to the Romney campaign’s talking points, Thune went on to scorn President Obama’s economic policies that he said are stifling economic growth and ballooning the deficit.

"I hope that Colorado will weigh in heavily, because if it doesn’t, I fear for our country what happens in a second Obama term," Thune said.

A swing state, Barack Obama won Colorado by nine points in 2008, while George W. Bush carried the state by five points in 2004.

Thune is seen as a skillful campaigner for Republican candidates. Until recently, he had been on short list of possible vice presidential picks for the presumed GOP nominee though Monday he said he doesn’t expect to get the call for the job.

Thune’s stop here comes ahead of four events President Obama has scheduled in the state Wednesday and Thursday. 

Kirk Siegler reports for NPR, based out of NPR West in California.