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KUNC's guide to Election 2012 in Colorado and the Colorado vote. Additional guides include a detailed look at Amendment 64, Amendment 65, and a look at Amendment S. You can find our archive of national election coverage here.

Biden Fires up Dems in GOP Stronghold Greeley

Grace Hood

Vice President Joe Biden came to Greeley, Colo., to rally support for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign Wednesday. He was there to urge Colorado supporters to take advantage of early voting.

“Early voting starts in Colorado on October 22 so don’t wait until election day,” he told 1,100 supporters at Island Grove Exhibition Hall. “Let’s start this thing sooner than later.”

Biden was quick to highlight Obama’s strong debate performance Tuesday, and criticize GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax policy for having too few specifics.

“Governor Romney was, how can I say it, sketchy last night: no details, no specifics,” he said.

From there Biden moved on to the war in Afghanistan and criticizing Romney’s “self deportation” approach to handle immigration. Biden also took a jab at Romney’s response Tuesday night to a question about women’s rights to equal pay.

“He started talking about binders. The idea that he had to ask where a qualified women was. He just should have come to my house. He didn’t need a binder,” said Biden.

The goal of Wednesday’s event in Greeley was to rally the area’s Democratic base. And it had the desired effect for registered Democrat Greg Hebel, a retiree who left the event feeling energized.

“I want to see women’s rights, I want tax cuts for the rich to go away,” he said. “I want our country back.”

Also in Greeley on Wednesday was Mitt Romney’s son, Craig, who held a counter rally to Biden's event.

Registered Democrats are about one-quarter of all registered voters in the Republican stronghold of Weld County. Registered Republicans represent 41 percent of the county’s voters, according to September voter rolls released by the Colorado Secretary of State.

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