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Colorado Edition: Experts reject justification for ketamine sedation; climate change impacts Western Slope fruit; court considers lawsuit against vaccine mandate

Paul Sableman
CC BY 2.0
Paramedics around Colorado must stop using ketamine to sedate people for excited delirium, following an order from state health officials. Denver Health is one of dozens of EMS providers affected.

Paramedics around Colorado have used ketamine hundreds of times to sedate people with a condition called excited delirium. The practice was suspended in July after the passage of a new state law meant to rein in its use in the presence of police. Now a panel of medical experts assembled by the state’s top public health official have concluded that excited delirium has racist implications and should not be used as a justification to sedate people. KUNC investigative reporter Michael de Yoanna filled us in.

One of the driest autumns in recent memory is wrapping up along the Front Range. Denver has shattered a record for the latest, first measurable snowfall — and is still waiting for it. Climate change is also having an impact on the state’s agricultural sectors, including fruit grown on the Western Slope. KUNC’s Rae Solomon brought us the story.

Last month, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced an emergency temporary standard mandating COVID-19 vaccines for employees at companies with more than 100 workers. The mandate was challenged by numerous lawsuits, which were consolidated into a single case that is now being heard by the Sixth Circuit court. The court’s decision is expected to come down in a matter of weeks. BizWest reporter Tommy Wood told us how it may impact Colorado businesses.

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