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KUNC's Colorado Edition

KUNC's Colorado Edition is a daily look at the stories, news, people and issues important to you. It's a window to the communities along the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The show explores the big stories of the day, bringing context and insight to issues that matter. And because life in Northern Colorado is a balance of work and play, we explore the lighter side of news, highlighting what makes this state such an incredible place to live.

Colorado Edition airs on KUNC Monday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m., with a rebroadcast of the previous evening's show Tuesday through Friday at 8:30 a.m., and is available as a podcast online and wherever you get your podcasts:

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Latest Episodes
  • On today’s episode of Colorado Edition, we learn about drought conditions across the state that are sounding the alarms for another season of wildfires. Then, we hear about a new trademark infringement lawsuit involving the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg and a similarly-named fund. And, we learn how people with disabilities have navigated the pandemic, and what they want the world to look like after it's over.
  • Today on Colorado Edition: We examine some of the reasons behind low vaccination rates among Colorado’s Hispanic and Latino populations. We’ll also hear about a new mentorship program for folks looking to stake their claim in the ever-growing marijuana industry. Plus, we get a look at the challenges and opportunities the Biden administration’s free community college proposal presents to our state and its community college system, and we speak with the Colorado woman who recently broke a North American record for uphill skiing.
  • Today on Colorado Edition: We’ll explore a package of bills heading toward passage in Colorado that aims to prevent deaths among pregnant women and create better outcomes for babies. We’ll hear about a local initiative that creates art by sifting through wildfire ashes, and we’ll get a look at youth homelessness across our region through a shelter in Colorado Springs. We’ll also speak with the new food editor at 5280 Magazine.
  • Today on Colorado Edition: We explore some highlights from the transportation bill that state lawmakers recently unveiled. We discuss some of the climate change priorities state and local leaders are pursuing even as Colorado’s pandemic recovery continues. We hit the (outdoor) dance floor at a high school prom. And, we hear from KUNC’s film critic about two exceptional films featured in this week’s Turner Classic Movies Film Festival.
  • Today on Colorado Edition: Recently released police body camera footage showed the violent arrest of a woman with dementia in Loveland, sparking community outrage. We hear how the recent pressure to reform police training is spurring change in the ways police interact with people who experience disability. We also discuss the latest COVID-19 outbreaks in the state and how they are impacting schools, from teachers to students. And, we speak with Lisa Napoli, author of a recent book detailing how several influential women helped shape National Public Radio into what it is today.
  • On today’s Colorado Edition, we hear about a new bill in the state legislature that would allow the composting of human bodies after death. Then, we learn how speculative investments into water rights are exposing problems in the ways we divvy up scarce water supplies. And, we hear about a new media partnership between the Colorado Sun and a national nonprofit.
  • Today on Colorado Edition, we get an update on vaccine outreach efforts for Hispanic and Latino communities in Fort Collins. We also learn what public health departments in the Mountain West are doing to address vaccine hesitancy. We discuss why a public option health insurance plan has derailed in Colorado. And, we hear how people celebrated the Muslim holy month of Ramadan during a pandemic for the second year.
  • Today on Colorado Edition, we take a look at three gun bills that Colorado statehouse Democrats unveiled Thursday. Plus, we hear how communities that experienced mass shootings manage the physical spaces where they happened. We also get a temperature check on the pandemic as Colorado cases continue to rise and health officials warn of a fifth wave. As we head into the weekend, we also talk about Bereaved Mothers Day, a holiday this Sunday for mothers who have lost their children. And, we get a review of the award-winning film Minari.
  • On today’s Colorado Edition, we dig into the complications surrounding President Biden’s plan to remove all American troops from Afghanistan by September. Plus, we hear about new jobs in the tech industry coming to Boulder. Then, we learn about how recent acts of police brutality have impacted people of color across the Mountain West. And, we hear about a nonprofit aiming to make Colorado communities more diverse when it comes to age.
  • Today on Colorado Edition: We examine Colorado’s legislative response to mounting mental health issues and concerns. Plus, we get a breakdown of the state’s plan for allocating early childhood stimulus funding from December’s federal aid package. We’ll also take a look at the first round of 2020 Census data and its accuracy, and we’ll hear about a group of second graders who are helping to prepare Coloradans for wolf reintroduction.