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Another Reason Denver's Best In The AFC West: Beer Prices

Julio Enriquez
Flickr - Creative Commons

While beer and football may go hand-in-hand, its impact on your wallet varies greatly. Fans can expect to pay less than $6 for a pint of beer at one stadium while forking over more than $11 at another. Fortunately for Denver Broncos fans, the price for beer here is the lowest among its AFC West Division rivals and below average nationwide.

Team Marketing Report released the results in a survey of 32 home stadiums throughout the country. The average price for a draft beer hovers at $7.53 for 17 ounces. That’s up from a dip last year of $7.03. Since 2010, when the average price of beer was $6.90, the cost has been gradually inclining. Just for reference, Broncos fans will pay $6.75 for a 16 ounce cup of beer at Mile High Stadium.

One aspect of the results that Team Marketing Report failed to acknowledge is that some stadiums offer larger servings than others. If you're the type that likes math, and the fans at Reddit's r/NFL certainly do, you'll know that you should break down the prices by the ounce, painting a clearer picture of the value of beer by stadium.

That's exactly what r/NFL user moodyfloyd did. So how do the Broncos stack up against their rivals in the AFC West? We looked at the Reddit chart and put together this handy graphic:

Credit Photo: Bradley Gordon, Flickr - Creative Commons / Illustration: Jim Hill, KUNC
Broncos fans can take comfort knowing their rivals will pay much more for beer.

San Diego Chargers fans can expect to pay in the neighborhood of what Denver does, but Oakland Raiders fans will need to cough up a lot more per ounce. Not that Broncos fans will mind that.

Compared to the 32 teams, Denver still has a better deal than most in the nation. The per once cost at Mile High is about the middle of the pack. Fans in Cincinnati have the best value, paying the least at 36 cents an ounce while fans in Philadelphia pay roughly twice that much at 71 cents an ounce.

Check out the full chart at r/NFL.

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