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Grand Junction

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Danielle Nordeen drives a 16-year-old Toyota Camry that doesn’t handle well on snowy mountain passes. In January, Nordeen had to make the drive from her home in Grand Junction to Pueblo often enough that she developed a strategy: Find a semi with its hazard lights on and follow it closely, prompting the other drivers to direct their wrath toward the trucker rather than her.


Construction on the state’s first diverging diamond interchange is nearly complete in Grand Junction. The innovative project will open sometime in April. The Colorado Department of Transportation says it will give drivers freeflow access to a left hand I-70 on-ramp without having to wait for a traffic turn signal, or turn into on-coming traffic.

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At a time when all eyes are on Colorado to see if marijuana regulation actually works, Lewis Koski is taking the reins at the Colorado Division of Marijuana Enforcement.

In less than a week, Colorado will have two new gun laws. The first expands background checks, the other bans magazines holding more than fifteen rounds… that is, unless they’re legally purchased before July 1st. The laws are part of a group passed by state lawmakers this year…regulations that lawyers and law enforcement officials have described as confusing... and even unenforceable.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney attended a private fundraiser in Aspen Monday night and has a western slope campaign stop planned for today.

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Some Coloradans were reminded this week of the state’s status as a battleground in this year’s presidential election when the Obama Campaign began airing its first TV ad here targeting the Grand Junction and Colorado Springs markets. 

Source: Colorado Department of Education / Courtesy of Education News Colorado

Do medical marijuana dispensary bans result in declining drug violations in Colorado public schools?

It may be too early for definitive evidence but the answer for two communities, at least, seems to be no.