Mon February 7, 2011

TELL Colorado Survey Seeks Educator Opinions

TELL Colorado

For the second time, Colorado education officials are asking for the opinions of teachers, principals and other educators from across the state.  Officials say the surveys are a strong catalyst for change.

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Mon February 7, 2011

Bill Seeks to Extend Civil Rights Protections to Small Businesses

Colorado has a number of laws on the books protecting employees from workplace discrimination, but the laws often lack enforcement provisions.  

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Sun February 6, 2011

African Americans Continue to Outnumber Whites with HIV/AIDS

Aids Quilt
Creative Commons

It’s been 30 years since the first cases of AIDS were reported in the United States. And compared to their white counterparts, African American’s continue to be disproportionately affected by the disease both nationally and in Colorado.

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Fri February 4, 2011

Hickenlooper Pushes Tax Code Overhaul

Governor John Hickenlooper has made job creation a top priority in his early days
Photo by Kirk Siegler

At his latest economic development meeting today in Denver, Governor John Hickenlooper said his administration is committed to keeping Colorado a business-friendly state. And it's likely that push may begin with an attempt to overhaul the state's corporate tax code.

The governor met with ten CEOs of major companies in private this morning, ahead of today's latest regional economic summit at the University of Denver.

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Thu February 3, 2011
Garden Report

Cold Days are a Good Time to Plan your Garden

Creative Commons

These cold winter days are great for planning a vegetable garden. 

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