Wed December 21, 2011
Colorado Storm

Airlines Waive Change Fees Ahead of Colorado Storm

Two airlines at Denver International Airport are waiving ticket change fees for travelers who could be affected by a predicted snow storm moving into northern Colorado. 

Both United and Frontier airlines are encouraging people flying in and out of or through DIA Thursday to consider changing their travel plans to avoid major delays and possible cancelations.

Frontier spokesman Peter Kowalchuk says his airline’s passengers can change their tickets without a fee so long as they’re traveling before January 11th.

"Our prime objective is safe air travel," Kowalchuk says. "We don’t want people to not make changes to their itinerary because they’re afraid they’re going to get charged, and then have them risk driving to their flight and then have an accident or something."

But Kowalchuk and other airport officials don’t think operations will be too disrupted by the storm. 

Nevertheless, big snows around Christmas-time still put many DIA regular holiday travelers on edge.  It was just five years ago, after all, that a pair of blizzards paralyzed the airport, stranding thousands, over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.