Tue June 7, 2011

Colorado Firefighters Tapped to Help with Arizona Blazes

A small group of firefighters from Summit County is headed to Arizona to help fight several wildfires raging in that state.

Three firefighters from the Red, White & Blue Fire District based in Breckenridge left early this morning. The department is on a federal resource list that can be called on to assist other states.  With five wildfires now burning in that state, the Colorado crew doesn’t yet know exactly where they’ll be assigned. 

“They were asked to meet just outside of Phoenix, and then tie in with the federal group that’s there,” says Battalion Chief Kim Scott.  “They’ll resource them out with other agencies, to whatever fire needs the most help at the time, or the most applicable help for the apparatus that they have.”

The department is sending a modified fire truck that carries about 300 gallons of water that’s useful for quick maneuvering and response.  Scott says this kind of inter-agency resource sharing is mutually beneficial, providing assistance to other states when it’s badly needed, while also allowing firefighters to gain experience fighting different types of wildland fires. The federal government is expected to reimburse the district for all expenses.