Sat December 22, 2012
Garden Report

Gardeners Are Forever Optimists

Saturday is the first full day of winter. It’s a tough time for those who like to be outdoors tending to their yards and gardens. But it’s also a time for optimism.

Gardeners are optimists. That’s why we plant garlic and spring flowering bulbs in the fall. We know we’re going to get great food and flower shows next spring.

Gardeners prune their shrubs and trees on brisk winter days. Knowing a little cold work will make the plants healthier and prevent diseases. Gardeners prune plants when the plants are dormant to make them stronger. The plants will weather the environmental challenges the other seasons throw at them.

Gardeners read through seed catalogs to find new and different varieties. We still plant the tried and true varieties.  But we are always excited to grow something new. Planting something new is a learning experience and keeps gardening fun.

KUNC gardener Tom Throgmorton say he's an optimist.

We search the internet for new plants. We’re optimistic we can meet the challenge of growing a new plant.  Our region’s climate isn’t forgiving. Gardeners must know about soils, weather conditions and a plants needs. Knowledge and hope make the plant grow. Gardeners search out new plants to make their garden unique.

Water is the source of every garden. Gardeners use water wisely to nourish their plants. Some areas of the garden needs more water, others need less. We hope the mountains get snow, the rivers run clean and the reservoirs are filled. Gardeners are optimistic that using water judiciously means there will be water for many seasons to come.

Gardeners are so optimistic they turn kitchen scraps into soil. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes it takes a year but eventually those scraps breakdown. The scraps turn into compost to feed the garden soil. Instead of becoming trash the scraps renew.

Gardeners know the shortest day of the year is the beginning. Each day that follows will get longer.  As the days get longer the sun gets higher and warmer. With each longer day we are moving toward spring and a new gardening season.

Gardeners know in a few months spring bulbs will be flowering. Veggie gardens will be planted and the summer harvest will sustain us.