Sun November 18, 2012

Gas Prices On The Rise As Thanksgiving Holiday Approaches

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, AAA Colorado says 43.6 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles by car this year.

Despite higher gas prices, that’s a small uptick from last year. Patrick DeHaan with Gasbuddy.com, says the holiday isn’t to blame for the rise in fuel costs.

A screencapture of the Gasbuddy.com 'Heat Map' of Colorado gas prices
Credit Gasbuddy.com

“Prices could go up or down before Thanksgiving, it’s really just what’s going on in the market before then. But Thanksgiving isn’t such a huge increase in demand that prices are going up.”

Gasbuddy.com tracks prices at the pump nationwide, and DeHaan says nearly half of the country may set records for the highest gas prices on Thanksgiving. However, Colorado prices are actually trending down for the year. As of today, a gallon of regular gas in the state averages around $3.37. That’s down from a high of $3.89 in April.

Here’s where to get the latest fuel price data for CO.