Wed June 15, 2011
Health and Environment

Life Expectancy Drops Nationally, Colorado above Average

Overall life expectancy in the U.S. is at an all-time low according to a new study published in the on-line journal Population Health Metrics. But the news isn’t all bad in Colorado.

Researchers say smoking and obesity are partly to blame for a decline in life expectancy rates for men in 251 counties nationwide and for both men and women in 158 counties. The southern U.S. accounts for the highest declines – by as much as two years – notably in Mississippi’s Madison County and two counties in eastern Oklahoma. Clusters of counties with high life expectancies were found in six states including Florida, Colorado and Minnesota.

Females in Colorado live to between 79 and 86 years old. Male rates are slightly lower ranging from 72 to 81 years. The federal government says a baby born in 2009 could expect to live 78 years and 2 months.