Wed May 2, 2012

Millions From Anadarko, Noble Energy Property Taxes to Benefit Weld County

Property tax revenues from oil and gas companies were a big part of Weld County’s payments for 2011.

Houston-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation wrote a $52 million check to Weld County for its 2011 taxes. Meantime, Noble Energy Inc. handed over $57 million in tax revenue. The two sums represent the second and first largest payments in the county’s history.

“You don’t have to go far to see the actual impact in terms of people’s daily lives from this revenue” says Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway.

Conway says about 300 county entities will benefit from the increased tax payments, including High Plains Library District, which will use about $1 million to ramp up digital content. Meantime, Platte Valley Fire Protection District is building a new fire station.

“In Weld County, it’s important that the revenue gets invested back into our citizens and into our infrastructure,” says Conway.