Tue February 5, 2013

Polis Introduces Pro-Marijuana Legislation In US House

Citing recent votes legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington State, Colorado Congressman Jared Polis, a Boulder Democrat is sponsoring legislation to end federal prohibition of the drug.

Polis says his bill will not affect states that currently outlaw marijuana, but will allow those that have created a legal or regulatory system for the sale of marijuana like Colorado or Washington, to operate without “…the constant fear that the federal government or the DEA and other agencies of law enforcement will prosecute.”

Polis adds recent votes to legalize the drug show the country is ready to decriminalize marijuana.

“American’s have increasingly come to the conclusion that the drug war is a failed policy.  While substance abuse is a real problem we need to address, we need to look at addressing it as increasingly as a public health issue more than a criminal issue.”

The bill was introduced on Tuesday along with another bill by Oregon Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer. If passed his bill would tax the drug nationally.

Polis says the proposed bills are the first of many that may be introduced in the US House this year to move marijuana from a liability to a revenue generator for the nation.