Mon March 28, 2011
State Politics

Thirty-Somethings Take Over State Party Leadership

The face of Colorado politics has a pair of thirty-somethings at the helm following leadership changes for both Democrats and Republicans.

After servings as the GOP’s legal counsel – Ryan Call was elected to party chair over the weekend. At 35 he takes over leadership of a party that was marked by division and acrimony during the last election. Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff says the choice of younger leaders for both major parties signals a new trend in state politics.

“This is kind of a sign at the beginning that these are going to be two young leaders who are really embracing their own kind in trying to bring in the youth and trying to bring in more minorities and I think it’s going to be an interesting two years for them both,” Strogoff says.

Democrats put their party in the hands of 36 year old, long time congressional aide Rick Palacio earlier this month. There are no major candidate races for either party chair to manage over the next two years. But there is the 2012 Presidential race. That’s something both have said is important for their respective party to win.