Boulder Ballot 2B & 2C


Thu November 22, 2012


Wed November 2, 2011

Boulder Officials: Utility Decision Won't Come Soon

Boulder officials are cheering the narrow victory of two ballot measures that will allow the city to move ahead with plans to start a municipal utility.  But the city also says the results don’t mean the city will sever its ties with Xcel Energy overnight.

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Wed November 2, 2011

Boulder Voters Pass Controversial Utility Measures

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In Boulder, voters signed off on a pair of ballot measures that will allow the city to raise taxes to study whether it can create its own municipal utility and sever its ties with Xcel Energy.

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Mon October 31, 2011

2011 Issues On The Ballot

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Colorado voters have just one statewide issue before them tomorrow but voters in cities along the Front Range will be asked to decide several local issues that have created a good deal of controversy.

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Tue October 25, 2011

Denver Voters to Decide Paid Sick Leave Initiative

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One of the fiercest campaign battles in this fall's elections in Colorado is about paid sick leave in the city of Denver. Initiative 300 would require all businesses to give their workers paid sick days. Colorado Public Radio’s Eric Whitney has a look at the arguments on both sides.