Cory Gardner


Fri August 24, 2012

Colorado Lawmakers Ask for More Drought Assistance

A drought stricken corn field in Weld County, Colo, in July.
Kirk Siegler

With the severe drought still gripping the region, two Colorado Republican lawmakers are asking the federal government to extend an emergency order that opened up more lands for livestock grazing and haying. 

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Mon March 5, 2012

Rep. Gardner: Tap Oil Reserves? Increase Federal Land For Gas And Oil Leases

Representative Cory Gardner discussing rising prices at the gas pump.
Nathan Heffel KUNC

Colorado 4thDistrict Congressman Cory Gardner is challenging Democratic lawmakers who want President Obama to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a way of lowering gas prices with a bill of his own.

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Thu February 23, 2012

Farm Bill Debate Heating Up in Colorado

The Obama Administration’s proposed budget aims to eliminate billions of dollars in subsidies that go to farmers every year regardless of need.  These direct cash payments are among the most controversial component in the sweeping Farm Bill which is up for re-authorization this year. 

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Tue January 17, 2012

As Congress Gets Back to Work, Redistricting Changes Loom Large

2nd Congressional District Rep. Jared Polis is flanked by Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and Kelly Peters, Director of Business for Northern Colorado Economic Development, during a tour of the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology.
Grace Hood

Members of Congress return to work today for what will likely be a divisive session during an election year. In Colorado, new congressional boundaries from redistricting will force some representatives to shift their political strategy and talking points to get reelected this year. And that means some changes for candidates in the 2nd and 4th Congressional districts.

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Tue December 20, 2011

Colorado Republicans Rally for 12-Month Payroll Tax Extension

Colorado’s Republican Congressional delegation stood alongside party colleagues today calling for a 12-month extension of social security payroll tax cuts, rejecting the Democratic led-Senate’s two month extension plan. 

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