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Today on Colorado Edition: we’ll discuss misinformation in the news industry and on social media. Plus, why the Boulder City Council is keeping its severe weather shelter open longer. And, we’ll look back at nuclear testing, and a failed experiment in nuclear fracking.

Luke Runyon / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: We look at firearm legislation that's up for debate in the legislature. We also explore the future of Lucky's Market after news it would be closing dozens of stores. In the presidential race, we check in on Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet's campaign in New Hampshire. Plus, a Colorado River fish could be down-listed from "endangered" to "threatened," and we get advice on surviving an avalanche.

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Today on Colorado Edition: we’ll learn about a new bill that focuses on prescription drug prices. And, we’ll look at why Larimer County residents are questioning the future of prescribed burns. Plus, what lawmakers are trying to do about teacher shortages, and a look at a task force aimed at reforming behavioral health care in our state.

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Today on Colorado Edition: We visit with people near the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Denver's City Park. Plus, we explore what we can learn about the ski industry from the story of Granby Ranch. We also meet an ice farmer in Ouray, and discuss the future of the Colorado River with a pair of experts.

Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

Today on Colorado Edition: we learn about the role Colorado Rep. Jason Crow will play in the Senate impeachment trial. Plus, we’ll look at a new office being created to help transition workers from coal jobs. We’ll also discuss the role of hospitals in helping secure a safe place for those recovering from illness. Finally, we look at the history of the Western Stock Show and talk to the show’s featured artist.

Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

Today on Colorado Edition: We get the details on the Woodward-Hexcel merger and speak with Wilma J. Webb, who brought Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Colorado. We'll also hear about the future of communities connected to the coal industry, and hear a cowboy poet perform his poetry.

Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

Today on Colorado Edition: we look at the loss of coal jobs on the Western Slope. Plus, we’ll learn about what is in the state’s report on mysterious drone sightings. We will also discuss a potential nicotine tax to pay for education, learn about the management of public lands, and hear about how the desert tortoise is handling climate change.

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Today on Colorado Edition: A conversation with Gov. Jared Polis about health care, paid family leave and more. Plus, we explore the Colorado legislature's study on paid family leave. We also check in on KUNC's ski safety accountability investigation and hear from the town of Dillon, which is trying to decide whether or not ice castles are in the town's future.

Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

Today on Colorado Edition: We'll get the highlights from the governor's annual State of the State address. We'll also look at housing costs in Boulder, learn about an exhibit by veteran photographers, and look at the changing landscape of nature photography. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: We learn about campaign advertising spending and dive deep into the world of business donations to political action committees, or PACs. We'll also talk about the U.S. Men's Whitewater Rafting team and proposed changes to The Ranch complex in Loveland.