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Colorado Department of Transportation

Today on Colorado Edition: Colorado lawmakers passed a high-capacity magazine ban following the Aurora theater shooting in 2012. Since then, few people have been sentenced for violating the ban. We explore the enforcement of the ban in our state, and explore how other states with similar laws are handling things. We also look at transportation funding, following the defeat of a handful of tax measures across our state that would have put money into infrastructure.

Bureau of Land Management

Today on Colorado Edition: the Supreme Court heard oral arguments to determine the future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We discuss how Coloradans are reacting to the debate. Plus, the debate around whether or not to allow e-bikes on public lands, and a look at education election results. Finally, a conversation with author Pam Houston about how she came to own a ranch high in the Rocky Mountains, and what the experience has taught her. 

Michael de Yoanna / KUNC

Today, on a special Veterans Day episode of Colorado Edition, we explore the civilian-military divide. We also check in on the stories of those who have served as well as a few who are still serving. Plus, we take a closer look at how the military is contending with a new threat: climate change. 

CSU's Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss what we learned from a report about the effects of living near oil and gas drilling sites. Plus, how new program helps student teachers. And, a conversation with fashion designer Orlando Dugi. 

Matt Bloom / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: The results are still trickling in after Election Day in our state. While Proposition CC appears safely defeated, the margin on Proposition DD is a lot smaller. We explore the measure and why it nearly split the state down the middle. Plus, we get a snapshot of the ski industry in Colorado, and meet with an artist who makes ski maps for slopes around the globe. We also venture into the growing survivors' network surrounding mass shootings in the U.S.

Jackie Hai / KUNC

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Joshua Eckstein / Unsplash

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn what an interim committee that focuses on substance use disorders will recommend to the state legislature. Plus, startups are aiming to help fill childcare deserts across the mountain west. We'll also explore what the governor's new state budget proposal holds for education, and learn about a musical that focuses on toxic masculinity. 

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Today on Colorado Edition: In the midst of multiple wildfires burning across the U.S., a group of Colorado lawmakers has been focused on legislation to prevent them in our state. We check in to see what the Wildfire Matters Review Committee has been working on. Plus, we head to the Four Corners to see how climate change is affecting the region. We also dive deep in the controversial CORE act and learn about the transcontinental railroad and its legacy in Colorado 150 years after its completion.

Dziga Vertov

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll learn about the recommendations from the state's school safety committee. Plus, a conversation with a member of the Denver-based band DeVotchKa about scoring films. We'll also learn about anti-Semitic incidents at Colorado State University, and hear the history of the Colorado cannibal. 

Stacy Nick / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: Molson Coors is moving its headquarters from Denver to Chicago. We explore what that means for the state and the company. Plus, a conversation on a new federal report on the Firestone pipeline explosion. We also learn how to get the most out of Colorado's film festivals, check out a shop full of spooky things in Denver, and get to the bottom of why Allegiant pulled out of adding routes from the Northern Colorado Regional Airport.