Diana DeGette


Wed September 26, 2012

DeGette: Congress Must Reauthorize Indian Diabetes Prevention

Congresswoman Diana DeGette's office.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette says the budget impasse and looming fiscal cliff in Washington poses a threat to the future of a popular federal program that aims to curb rising diabetes rates among Native Americans.

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Thu February 2, 2012

Boulder County Adopts Temporary Drilling Ban

KUNC file photo.

Boulder County is the latest local government in Colorado to adopt a temporary moratorium on new oil and gas drilling permit applications, as local officials consider overhauling land use regulations to mitigate what's becoming an explosion of oil and gas development associated with the Niobrara shale.

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Fri November 4, 2011

DeGette Speaks out Against Mississippi “Personhood” Measure, Mitt Romney

Colorado voters have twice rejected measures to define “personhood” – and now voters in Mississippi will have their say. An initiative on next week’s ballot would, if approved, define personhood from the moment of conception and all rights afforded under the state’s constitution would apply.

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Wed June 1, 2011

“Fracking” Impacts Debated in D.C.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-Denver) has authored a bill that would require all fracking companies disclose to the public what they’re injecting into the ground.
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In Congress, the oil and gas debate is starting to move away from off-shore drilling rigs to hydraulic fracturing on land. It’s a process commonly known as “fracking.” Many opponents fear the practice contaminates drinking water in areas where it’s used – including here right in Colorado.

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Fri April 29, 2011

Court Reverses Stem Cell Decision

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Congresswoman Diana DeGette was among many stem-cell research advocates cheering a court ruling on Friday.

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