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Fri February 22, 2013
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Pentagon Grounds Fleet Of F-35 Fighter Jets Because Of Engine Problems

In this image released by the U.S. Navy the U.S. Navy variant of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35C, conducts a test flight over the Chesapeake Bay.
U.S. Navy Getty Images

The Pentagon has halted the testing of its entire fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. At an estimated cost of $400 billion, it is the Pentagon's most expensive weapons program.

Defense News reports:

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Wed January 2, 2013
National Security

At $130 Million A Plane, Critics Question The Cost Of The F-35

Originally published on Wed January 2, 2013 5:51 pm

Visitors look at a Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jet at the Singapore Airshow in 2010. The cost of the plane keeps on rising and is now $130 million or more per plane, depending on the model.
Roslan Rahman AFP/Getty Images

Second of two parts

In a mile-long building on the edge of Fort Worth, Texas, an assembly line is taking shape to build the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Lockheed Martin, which got the contract to build the jet back in 2001, is slowly cranking up production. It's hard to keep a plane current, when it takes so many years to develop.

But Lockheed's Kevin McCormack says the F-35 is designed to change as technology evolves.

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Fri November 9, 2012
The Two-Way

Lockheed Martin's Incoming CEO Resigns Over Relationship With Subordinate

Originally published on Fri November 9, 2012 5:16 pm

Former Lockheed Martin President and Chief Operating Officer Christopher E. Kubasik.

Lockheed Martin announced that its board of directors asked for the resignation of Christopher E. Kubasik, 51, the current chief operating officer and incoming chief executive office.

"Kubasik, previously slated to become CEO in January, resigned after an ethics investigation confirmed that he had a close personal relationship with a subordinate employee," Lockeheed said in a statement. "His actions violated the company's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, but did not affect the company's operational or financial performance."

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Tue August 21, 2012


Fri August 17, 2012
Reporter's Notebook

"It's A Heck Of A Big Leap For Me." Bruce McCandless, Astronaut

Bruce McCandless and the iconic photo known around the world
  • Nathan Heffel reports from Lockheed Martin on All Things Considered

Astronaut Bruce McCandless has been involved with the U.S. Space Program for decades. He worked in ground control during Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon in 1969. In 1984, he became the first man to spacewalk untethered in an MMU, or Manned Maneuvering Unit.

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